These programs will educate the public with the proper methods of making your home, business and community a safe place to live.

There are four educational meetings that are provided for neighborhoods to become an official Manatee County Sheriff’s office Neighborhood Watch.

1. Introduction to Neighborhood Watch
2. Residential Security
3. Personal Safety
4. Identity Theft and Scams

Our programs contain the educational and comprehensive materials. I urge you to attend these meetings and to take advantage of this valuable training. Your safety and your help are very important to us. We need you to be our “eyes and ears” in your community. The National Security Agency has stated that “Neighborhood Watch” is the nucleus of Homeland Security. Who better than the people who reside in the community to know what is suspicious? If you keep safety at the top of the list we will be able to curb crime in Manatee County. For further information on starting a Neighborhood Watch in your community, please call

941-747-3011 ext. 2500.

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